Throughout the country, freedom-hating democrat policymakers have begun filling skateparks with sand after Skateboarders refused to bow down to government-mandated lockdown orders.

In San Clemente, California the local government shut down a popular skate park on April 1st. When skateboarders refused to stop skating at the park San Clemente officials filled the park with 37 tons of sand.

When someone gives you a lemon, squirt them in the fucking eye.

This week, Skateboarders struck back, showing up at skateparks with dirt bikes and shovels in an attempt to make the best out of a shitty situation.

Skateboarders reclaim San Clemente Skatepark!


Many states and cities, run in large part by Democrats, have been turned into de facto police states where citizens are being threatened with arrest and fines for playing at parks, attending church, or even walking to close to each other. It’s appalling and frankly very fucking un-American.

Here are just a few articles where we document the crackdown on freedom over the last couple of months:

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